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Fullmetal Alchemist Concept Art: The Many Moods of Edward Elric

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Waiting for Spring by Peco

(finishing winter anthology~!)

The feels strike again…

-translation list-

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Like, pardon my language but how fucking stupid can you possibly get by sending Ishida Sui hate for Tokyo Ghoul’s ending? I personally think he’s done a great job. Yes ,the manga isn’t perfect with a happy mainstream ending and, probably has some gaps that need to be filled. But it had its own…

  • L: HA! You fell for my plan!
  • Light: YOU FOOL! I expected your plan so I had another plan incase you saw through my plan!
  • Near: Hmm.. I expected your plan to be used to activate your other plan so I planned a plan you wouldn't plan on expecting

Being alone is solitary.

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